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Protects your personal programs with a password

If for some reason you share your computer as i do with other people you may have installed programs that don't want others using, for example, your email program, personal finance programs, etc. by searching for the solution i found on the Web Kakasoft ExeLock.

This Software lets you add a password to the executable file of your program and only those who know the key can use it.
When you protect a program with Kakasoft Exelock is modifies the original binary file executable and can be used only if the person who opens know the password, and best of all, you don't change anything else on your hard drive and if you change your machine of all modes you will continue asking for the password.
Nor do you need to have running kakasoft ExeLock where they are protected executable files, once you insert some password will remain locked your program always and only with the password will open it.
And you have the option to make a backup of your original file by if you already didn't want him with password only you'll substitute for  the protected.
Here is the league to the program which, by the way, is freeware(free).

Note: Some antivirus can detect the change in the files and say that it is a virus but this change is because the executable is now adds the code to ask for the password and there's no danger.

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