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Balloons, kites and airships for energy.

Wind turbines could float in a near future, in order to take advantage of the speed of the wind and generate our electricity.
What appeared to be a crazy idea of some Italian engineers, have achieved the financing of the project by Nasa (USA).  And now in Italy a swarm of comets, dirigible balloons are being tested and developed to improve the prototypes.

The idea is based on the use of the winds, with ropes of nanotubes to send the generated electricity to the ground. The intelligent software adjusts the flying objects in an optimal way to the local wind conditions.
The flying objects could be floating in the sky throughout the year and will be reflected only in the case of a storm or for its maintenance.

For the NASA engineer Mark Moore, the advantages of flying wind energy plants are evident.
The company is located near Turin , one of the most advanced prototypes is this Kite Gene ,a comet for a heights of 10,000 meters, which carries nine generators of 27 megawatts of peak power. The Italian system is based on an electromagnetic generator that is driven by the exchange of rolling and unrolling. The wind turbine is located on the ground, which saves a great amount of material and budget.
Let us hope that it will not take much time to see this technology to the hand of all the nations of the planet, and as well to help Mother nature.

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